The top 2022 games


2022-08-02 14:08:46

From racing round the Nurburgring and cerebral androids in the wild to assembling the first Pokedex and taking on robot dinosaurs. Here are the top games of the year to date.


This clever and shareable word game was the main story for the first half of 2018’s. As mysterious coloured-block Emojis proliferated across social media, half of the world was enticed to guess the word that was used each day. Wordle popularity may have waned somewhat since it was taken over by the New York Times, but it’s still a huge game in 2022.

Simple is the best part. Everyday, a Wordle comes out. It’s the exact Wordle for everyone. There are no advertisements, no nagging alerts to check every day, and there are no new skins. Wordle’s refusal to accept capitalistic systems that characterize so many video games have an enlightening, innocent look. Wordle will remain pure for the foreseeable future.

Elden Ring

The most amazing and mysterious action-fantasy title from one of the greatest game directors today, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and the seemingly endlessly talented developers at FromSoftware. This is a place that you’ll never are sure what you’ll discover and where you may be defeated fifty times and remain determined to learn more.At site salmanzafar from Our Articles

What we said: “Video games can be various items, and represent a range of artistic ambitions. However, all share a common purpose: to create a thrilling imaginative world full of fascinating mystery and captivating secrets, and abundant opportunities to compete and collaborate. The objective is to provide a place where players can fix the broken pieces and organize the chaos. Elden Ring can be described as the most outstanding videogame ever made.

OlliOlli World

It’s a fun skateboarding game that comes with a chilled music as well as cool art and a style that is suitable for alternative. You create a cute little skater, then customize your board , and then take it out on dreamy, surreal landscapes, while grinding on rails, and wall-riding billboards that are held by huge bees. The goal is to find as many tricks you can within each, tightly designed level.

What we wrote: “From its free-spirited counterculture flavor to its extravagant design it’s the gaming equivalent of an afternoon trip to Brighton: an interactive adventure for those who aren’t able to actually skateboard but religiously buy a new pair of Vans nonetheless.”

Horizon Forbidden West

Even though it’s a colossally big game, it’s an absolute pleasure to explore the post-apocalyptic US along with Aloy who is a red-haired warrior. Intimidating robot dinosaurs and warring tribes provide the danger, and combating them can be more enjoyable the further into the game you get – but it’s the world full of tempting treasures and amazing sights and unusual characters, that keeps you hooked. You’ll be hooked by the incredible game even after spending up to 50 hours playing.

We said: “It was when I ventured out into the world and followed whatever tracks I could find, that Horizon brought me joy. I spent hours on the trail collecting random objects from old train stations , or wrecked planes, and scrapping with the terrifying mechanical creatures that roam the landscape.”

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Arceus is the very first change to the nearly 25-year-old Pokemon system. You’re more of research rather than as a warrior, and travel through time to construct the very first Pokedex. It’s not the best looking game and can bring even the most seasoned millennials to a the same sense of wonder when you travel through the wilds and marvel at the fictional creatures that reside there.

What we wrote: “Twenty-six years after I had my first Pokemon the Pokemon franchise is back and that joyous sense of excitement is returning.”

Total War: Warhammer III

This is the conclusion of an operatic, massive Fantasy game trilogy. Eight factions of stunningly exaggerated daemons. Dwarves. Undead. Ogres engage in epic battles to build and defend their kingdoms. A huge sandbox that is a joy to Warhammer players to enjoy.

We said: “Warhammer’s real trick has always been to remain funny about its own excess , while developing worlds with serious imagination. Creative Assembly caps off the trilogy with the most engaging – and funniest – writing.”


In the past, you’d have to go through the manual of a game when you got stuck rather than looking to Google for instant answers, Tunic is an enigmatic and very very imaginative adventure game that was inspired by the classic Zelda. Its derelict temples and dungeons are filled with mysterious puzzles and creatures that challenge your imagination as well as your reflexes and brain. It’s also adorable.

We said that it was like having a luxury that a game doesn’t force players to achieve the next goal rather, it gives you the freedom to daydream.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Compete with friends and family as well as online strangers in tennis, bowling, badminton, sword combat, volleyball, and football in this friendly and fun sport variety game. Motion controls are fun and accessible enough for anyone to learn and play, but not without skill. This is a fantastic choice for kids.

We stated that “none of these sports would suffice to sustain a single game, but when paired with Nintendo’s delightful aesthetic and stimulating music, they create an amazing time.”

Gran Turismo 7

This racing simulation is incredibly fast and delivers the most authentic racing experience you can get from video games. It also has its unique eccentricity. If you’d like to know the experience of having to race on the Nurburgring 24-hour circuit in torrential rain at night, GT7 will let you. If you want to collect car models rendered in meticulous detail, you can do that as well (though the in-game economy still isn’t perfect and needs to be ironed out). This is a very high-end tribute to the car industry.

What we thought: “It’s reassuring that despite ever-growing technological advancement Gran Turismo’s unique and unusual character remains. It’s present in the Mission Mode Grab-bag, which shows that a race between Fiat 500s with 17 brake horsepower Fiat 500s might be more thrilling and thrilling than one between 50 horsepower Fiat 500s.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Star Wars Adventures is a family-friendly treat that guides players through all the Star Wars films with slapstick humor. There are a variety of collectibles and jokes that are suitable for each Star Wars fan, as and everything parents could desire. It’s fascinating to see how technology has enhanced this basic series of games.

We said that these games were created to aid us in recalling our favorite family movies in the way we remember them. It’s amazing that even The Phantom Menace is bearable here.”

Citizen Sleeper

You are an android belonging to a corporation and you’re running. A thoughtful, thoughtful game played by means of a vivid text and images It’s a slower, more cerebral experience as opposed to the usual action-heavy science-fiction, and examines the themes of humanity and technology with sensitivity and creativity.

What we wrote: “The characters have been so well-drawn literally and figuratively that it’s tempting for you to spend as much as you can on your own.”


A recent milestone in video game storytelling NORCO is an intelligent and evocative portrayal of the town and its community on the verge of collapse that is based on the experience of its developers growing up in the real-life refinery town of Norco, Louisiana. It is a point and click adventure with pixel art and detailed intriguing pixels. The plot is humorous clever, smart, and well-written. It’s a unique piece of environmentalist commentary as well as social commentary that can be used as satire or depiction of a sick society.